Prosecutor Trenova the First to Be Dismissed by KPK over Professional Conduct

Tpday the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) announced the dismissal of Gentian Trenova, prosecutor at the Appeals Prosecution and candidate for the Justice Appointments Council (KED).

Trenova is the first vetted official who has been dismissed not solely on the basis of their asset declaration, but based on their professional conduct.

According to the KPK, Trenova had failed to start an investigation against a drug trafficker apprehended in Greece, while in another cases he closed the corruption case against another prosecutor, after which the evidence was destroyed.

Trenova is the second KED candidate to be dismissed by the KPK, the other one being Altina Xhoxhaj. Besnik Imeraj, another KED candidate, withdrew his candidacy by leaving his office as judge at the Constitutional Court.

Among the nine remaining KED candidates currently being vetted with priority by the KPK only one more may be dismissed before opening the need for a new round of applications for the KED, thus further delaying the reestablishment of the Constitutional Court.