Opposition Leader Basha: Millions Found in Toyotas Belongs to MP Balla

During a press statement in front of the Democratic Party headquarters, opposition leader Lulzim Basha accused Socialist MP Taulant Balla of being the owner of the €3.5 million found hidden in two Toyota Yaris cars that have been captured at the Durrës port.

The money seized at the Durrës Customs, hidden within two Toyota Yaris vehicles, belong to one of the most dangerous drug gangs in the country, headquartered in Elbasan. Taulant Balla, General Secretary and Head of the Socialist parliamentary group, had agreed to ensure the entrance of this money in Albania.

Basha added that “the Albanian police was pressured into acting by one of our foreign allies.”

We have a trafficker former Minister of Interior Affairs, our current Interior Minister wastes all his time protecting his trafficker brother and covering the back of the General Secretary and Head of the Socialist parliamentary group, who is connected to Elbasan’s drug gangs.

Basha also claimed that the money would be laundered in Albania:

The drug money will go to [Tirana mayor] Erion Veliaj’s skyscrapers. What links [Minister of Interior Affairs] Fatmir Xhafaj, [former Interior Minister] Saimir Tahiri, Taulant Balla, and Erion Veliaj? Drug money laundering via the construction of skyscrapers, that’s what links them. The towers that will replace the theater are going to be built to launder drug money.