PM Rama in Denial: Albania Will Never Accept EU Refugee Camps

Prime Minister Edi Rama refuted the claim that Albania would host camps for immigrants expelled by the EU.

In an interview with German tabloid Bild, Rama declared:

We will never accept such EU refugee camps. These camps would mean dumping desperate people somewhere like toxic waste that nobody wants.

Rama claimed that Albania would always be willing to play its part within the European family. However doesn’t mean Albania would be willing to shoulder all of EU’s burdens.

Furthermore, Rama claimed it had never crossed his mind to play the hero by hosting refugee camps, in order to gain the European Council’s agreement to open accession negotiations.

We will not build refugee centres, even in exchange for EU accession. The refugee crisis must be solved independently of the current state of our accession efforts.

Earlier, Libya, another country being considered as a potential location for such camps, refused to host.

A tangible plan to handle the EU’s refugee crisis is expected to be discussed during the European Council’s June 28-29 Summit.