Prosecutor Beluri Faces Vetting Commission Today

Tirana General Prosecution Office prosecutor Kosta Beluri will face the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) as part of his reassessment. The KPK judicial body will be made up of Brunilda Bekteshi, Lulzim Hamitaj and Olsi Komiçi.

Beluri is part of a priority vetting list as he was selected, via an election by lot, to be member of the High Prosecutorial Council.

Kosta Beluri began his prosecutorial career in 1999. From 2004 to 2007 he has worked as a head of the State Police’s fighting Organized Crime office. From 2014 till now Kosta Beluri has worked as a deputy director of the Serious Crime Office in Tirana.

According to an analysis of his wealth declarations by BIRN, in 2003, Beluri’s wealth was valued overall at 1.3 million lekë. He owns one fifth of an apartment valued at 1,1 milion lekë and around 2 thousand euros in cash.

In 2017, the prosecutor’s family wealth has increased with a factor of 4 to reach a 5,2 million lekë value.

About 74.4% of Beluri’s family income consists of the prosecutor’s wages, whereas about 22,9% comes from the wages of other family members.