Vetting Dismisses January 21 Case Prosecutor Adriatik Cama

Today, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed Tirana prosecutor Adriatik Cama as a result of inconsistencies relating to his declarations of wealth and his background check.

Cama was part of a priority vetting list, as he was applying to be a member of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

During the hearing, the judicial body, made up of Genta Tafa, Pamela Qirko, and Suela Zhegu, brought forth evidence arguing that Adriatik Cama, known as the January 21 case prosecutor, cannot continue serving in this function.

According to KPK, Cama’s wealth declarations contain inconsistencies in the case of a 76 sq.m. apartment. In 2003, Cama claimed that the apartment was worth 2.4 million lekë, whereas, in his vetting wealth declaration, he claimed its value was 3.4 million lekë. On the other hand, the apartment’s lease puts its worth at $34,900.

Furthermore, the prosecutor claimed he had purchased a unit that used to be a “parking garage,” whereas in the purchase contract the unit is called a “store.” KPK has concluded that Cama did not have sufficient income to justify the purchase of this property, as well as the purchase of a car.

Cama has failed to declare his bank account and money transfers to his and his wife’s account by relatives, throughout 10 years.

Concerning the prosecutor’s background check, the National Security Agency (DSIK) concluded that the prosecutor had been involved with corruption and was unfit to continue serving.

KPK itself further investigated DISK’s report and came to the conclusion that Cama has had connections to suspicious persons and exchanged gifts and favors with people involved in organized crime.

Cama labelled all these conclusions as unfounded.