National Security Agency: 200 Judges & Prosecutors Involved in Crime

The Albanian Helsinki Committee (KShH) published today the results from a National Security Agency (DSIK) report that 200 out 800 judges and prosecutors have had connections to organized crime. This information was gathered in preparation of the vetting of the judiciary.

So far, DISK has demanded the dismissal through the vetting process of Appeals Court judge Ilir Toska and prosecutor Adriatik Cama, as persons involved in crime.

In Toska’s case, the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) did not take the DISK report into account, deciding, instead, to reconfirm the judge. Meanwhile, in Cama’s case, KPK conducted an independent investigation that confirmed the DISK report.

The DSIK assessment is one of three parts of the reassessment procedure as mandated by the Justice Reform law. The vetting law states that “the National Security Agency, in cooperation with the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) and the Special Appeals Chamber (KA), both new institutions, established by the Justice Reform, will conduct the background check of the Supreme Court, Constitutional Court, and the General Prosecutor.”

Following the control and verification process, the working group set up by DSIK must present the KPK with a report on every individual. Alongside the report,DSIK will also present a conclusion regarding the subject’s fitness to remain in duty.

The DSIK retains the right to not make public any information if that would mean threatening the source. Nonetheless, the vetting law allows KPK to not take DSIK’s conclusions into account.