Government Spends Half Million Euros Each Month on IT Maintenance

The government spends approximately €500,000 a month for the maintenance of government electronic platforms. According to data from Open Data Albania, the government has spent around €3 million for the maintenance of such platforms from January 1, 2018 until now.

These platforms comprise the civil status system, the public notifications and consultations register, the government portal eAlbania, the treasury data protection system, the multifunctional centralized construction permit system, and the establishment of a digital platform for high schools.

The companies that are being paid to maintain these platforms are: IKUB Info, Fastech, INFOSOFT SYSTEM, Advance Business solutions, Image & Communication Development, and Kazazi Consulting.

The largest beneficiary out of the above companies is INFOSOFT SYSTEM, that, during the April 2017-July 2018 period, has received €30 million. Whereas the profits of the other companies, for the same time period, are listed below: