German Chancellor Opposes Border Changes In The Balkans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out against the modification of borders in the Western Balkans, something that is being entertained lately as a possible solution to the Kosovo–Serbia conflict.

In a joint press conference alongside the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denis Zvizdić, Merkel said that, even though there are certain propositions going around the Balkans concerning the rearrangement of borders, according to her, something like that should not take place.

Merkel said that there exist a European perspective for the Western Balkans and that is the path they must follow.

Lately, Kosovar and Serbian leaders have stated that a territory exchange, specifically with Northern Mitrovica going to Serbia and the Presheva Valley to Kosova, may prove to be a solution to the countries’ years-long conflict.

So far, the inhabitants of Northern Mitrovica have opposed this proposal.