The Rama Government’s Hypocrisy – €40 Million For Offices, But The Budget Can’t Afford New National Theater

In the first half of 2018, the Rama government has spent more than €40 million on furnishing and renovating its offices.

This figure is expected to rise in the upcoming months as the government has announced that changes in the structure of the ministries and agencies will come in September. This will lead to further spending on furnishing. This money comes out of the state budget.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance, processed by Revista Monitor, this amount is three times larger than what the government spent last year for the same purposes.

Ironically, this information became public precisely when the main topic of political discussion is the construction of the new National Theater.

Using the pretext that a new Theater would cost €30 million and that the state budget cannot afford this expense, the Rama government has passed an unconstitutional special law that would give private company Fusha shpk public land, in exchange for a new National Theater.

This is the same excuse the Rama government has used for almost every concession it has awarded in these last five years, most of whom have brought great profits to the private companies they went to, some of whom were previously unknown, phantom companies.

It is obvious that the state has money, but Prime Minister Edi Rama’s priorities place the construction of a new Theater building lower the furnishing of his government’s offices and the comfort of his government’s officials.