Socialist MP Suspected Of Being Involved With Shullazi Gang

Socialist MP Jurgis Çyrbja has spoken on the phone, at least twice, with Gilmando Dani, Emiljano Shullazi’s right hand. In these conversations, the MP informs Dani of the Prosecution Office’s actions, even though the Çyrbja himself denies this fact.

According to Balkanweb, the Serious Crimes Prosecution investigation, started in 2016, has found among Shullazi and Dani’s phone records, two calls to Jurgis Çyrbja, at the time Head of the Durrës Central Immovable Property Registration Office (ZRPP).

The first call took place immediately after a judicial police officer confiscated the ex-Vollga Hotel recording files, the case for which Shullazi and Dani are being investigated, from the Durrës ZRPP offices. Following the confiscation, Çyrbja called Dani and told him: “We’re in trouble. It concerns my position.”

On the same day, the Prosecution Office interrogated Çyrbja concerning the confiscated files. As soon as he was released, Çyrbja called Dani and asked to meet him.

A few months later, during Shullazi’s court hearing, Jurgis Çyrbja declared that he had only met Shullazi once before. However, he denied ever having talked to Dani.

Jurgis Çyrbja was elected MP for the first time in the 2017 elections. During 2013-2016, he was the head of the Durrës Central Immovable Property Registration Office. He wasn’t involved in politics before.

Investigations into the Shullazi case are ongoing and the Prosecution Office is expected to announce the charge in September. Emiljano Shullazi was arrested in April 2016 after former Prime Minister Sali Berisha accused him of threatening a candidate for rector of the University of Tirana, in order to make him drop out of the competition. He is now accused of imposing fines, acquiring wealth through coercion, and forming a structured criminal group.