Imam Kalaja Praises Convicted Trafficker Edmond Bega

Today, imam Ahmed Kalaja sang the praises of Edmond Bega, the Albanian trafficker who was arrested Saturday by the Greek police.

In a Facebook post, Kalaja stated:

Let us focus on our present and not use someone’s past as political capital. Certainly, things became clear in no time. The question, now, remains: will those who abuse others’ dignity find any sanctuary or altar to ask forgiveness for their indignity?!

Kalaja is referring to the opposition’s accusations denouncing the government for having failed to arrest Edmonda Bega, and Socialist MP Taulant Balla for his close business relationship with Bega.

Though Edmond Bega is currently wanted by the Italian authorities for being part of a structured criminal organization and heroin and cocaine trafficking, in Kalaja’s eyes he is an innocent who is being used for political purposes.

Bego, a close confidant of Aldo Bare, was arrested in Tirana in 2009 on behalf of the Italian government. He had been sentenced by the Turin Appeals Court to 21 years in prison, as head of an international drug trafficking organization, alongside Aldo Bare.

In September 2010, the Criminal College of the High Court made up of Chairman Gazi Dizadari, as well as Fatos Lulo, Besnik Imeraj, Andi Çeliku e Majlinda Andrea decided to reduce the Italian court sentence from 21 years in prison to 4 years and 4 months.