Socialist Majority Postpones Voting on President’s Decree on National Theater

The Socialist majority has postponed the parliamentary vote on President Meta’s decree regarding the National Theater law to an unspecified date. Sources told Exit that the majority justified this by claiming it would give the Committee for Productive Activities, Trade, and Environment more time to discuss and listen to interest groups.

The National Theater decree was supposed to be discussed by the Committee during the next week and would be voted on during the September 13 plenary session.

While the law is being discussed by the parliamentary Committee, the European Commission is expected to deliver a report determining whether or not the special law infringes the Association and Stabilization Agreement, particularly regarding property rights and fair competition.

The National Theater special law, passed by a simple Socialist on July 5, was returned to parliament by President Meta on July 27.

According to a statement released by the presidency, the law does not comply with Constitutional principles and international agreements that the Albanian Republic has ratified.

Following its discussion at the Committee, the law must go to parliament for a vote and pass with 71 votes.

If the law passes again, ownership of the public land on which the National Theater stands will be transferred to the private company Fusha shpk, so it can build a new National Theater, as well as 6 skyscrapers in the surrounding area, that will belong to the company.