Fusha Shpk Receives Another €1.56 Million For Skënderbeg Square

The private company Fusha shpk will receive another €1.56 million for construction on the Skënderbeg Square, a project that is costing taxpayers increasingly more money.

In September 2018, the Tirana municipality announced the extension of a contract with Fusha shpk for the “Urban requalification of Skënderbeg Square, phase II.”

Keep in mind that Fusha shpk has already received, in January 2017, €7.1 million for the second, and supposedly last, phase of the “Urban requalification of Skënderbeg Square.” Meanwhile, during the first phase, Fusha shpk received €5.5 million.

In total, Fusha shpk has received €14.16 million for this project.

The same company has won the illegally done via “procurement with negotiation without preliminary declaration” tender for the construction of the underground parking beneath the Skënderbeg Square.

The municipality and Fusha shpk first signed a €1.64 million contract for the parking in September 2016. However, in May 2018, the municipality announced an unjustified €330,000 contract extension, putting the total cost of the underground parking at €2 million. Taking into account the cost of the parking, the construction cost for Skënderbeg Square comes up to €16.16 million, making the project one of the city’s most expensive architectural works.

For several years now, Fusha shpk has been the main contractor for the government, the Tirana municipality, and several other Socialist-led municipalities. The company will also be building Vlora’s boulevard for €7.7 million. Fusha shpk will also be the construction company of the highly clientelist new National Theater building project.

It is worth mentioning that Fusha shpk has conducted a big part of the renovation of the Prime Ministry building, begun immediately after Edi Rama came into office, “free of charge.”