Rexhep Rraja, the son of Socialist MP Rahman Rraja, currently in pre-trial detention on charges of stalking (in spite of testimony of Xhisela Maloku concerning violent sexual assault, rape, assault, torture, threatening with an illegal firearm, kidnapping), has challenged opposition leader Lulzim Basha, suggesting that his arrest would have political consequences.

Leaving the court of Kruja handcuffed and accompanied by the police, Rraja declared to the press: “Let Lulzim Basha prove this during the elections,” implying that criminal case were settled by means of political power. Indeed, considering the recent, massive effort of the Socialist Party to discredit Maloku as well as the police office who first denounced the political cover-up of Rraja’s crimes, such ideas appear to be now commonplace in Prime Minister Edi Rama’s party.