Another Skyscraper in Central Tirana

A 12-floor multi-functional building will be built on the land between the Catholic Cathedral and the former Dajti Hotel, alongside the Lana river, one of the last remaining free spaces in the center of Tirana.

The building, named MET Building Tirana, will house a shopping center, offices, and apartments.

The project was planned by the Italian firm Mario Cucinella Architects and, according to the firm’s official website, planning began in 2014.

The design of the new building has paid particular attention to outdoor homes and street furniture […] [The building will be equipped with] a series of green terraces and diaphragms designed to guarantee high-quality outdoor spaces for each accommodation.

The project renditions, as well as the description provided by Mario Cucinella Architects seem to point to the city of Berat, also known as the “white city of 1000 windows,” as the inspiration for this project. The design further appears to be “inspired” by the other buildings built with Prime Minister Rama’s blessing: the window of the TID Tower, the curvature of Toptani Center, and the trees of Stefano Boeri’s “green” buildings.

This will be the first project Mario Cucinella Architects brings to Albania. It remains to be seen who the investors for this building in the heart of Tirana will be.