Public Commissioner Appeals Confirmation of High Court President Zaganjori

The Public Commissioner has demanded the discharge from duty of the Chairman of the High Court Xhezair Zaganjori by appealing to the Special Appeal Chamber the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) to confirm Zaganjori in his duty.

The Public Commissioner does not agree with KPK’s decision, according to which Zaganjori has committed licit tax evasion and taken advantage of legal loopholes in his registration and declaration of assets.

According to Public Commissioner Florian Hysa, the Chairman of the High Court Zaganjori has made inexact assets declarations over the years, has intentionally dodged taxes and legal obligations, and doesn’t justify his and his family’s assets through legal sources.

The International Monitoring Operation (ONM) has made similar remarks regarding the KPK decision. According to ONM, Zaganjori’s income could not be justified via legal sources and, in certain cases, his transactions were not legal.

The KPK judicial body, made up of Olsi Komiçi, Pamela Qirko and Roland Ilia, reconfirmed Zaganjori on July 24. On September 27, more than a month after the legally prescribed deadline, KPK made its decision public.

Following a complete analysis of the KPK’s decision, one can clearly see that, in the case of Zaganjori, KPK adhered to an entirely different standard: notwithstanding the fact that over the years Mr.Zaganjori has made inexact and inconsistent assets declaration by changing the value of his assets several times; that he was not able to justify the acquisition of an apartment in Durres; that he doesn’t have documents to prove his revenues from renting out his apartments; that he doesn’t have a contract for a downpayment made for an apartment in Shkodra; yet despite all these facts the KPK confirmed him in his duty.