Deputy Minister of Education Replaced by Taulant Muka, Who Accused Him of Plagiarism

Deputy Minister of Education Ervin Demo has been replaced by Taulant Muka, who had accused Demo of plagiarizing his work. Yesterday, the Council of Ministers decided to dismiss Demo and nominate Muka in his stead.

Muka accused Demo of plagiarizing his work in a 2011 article title “Unversities and the Transfer of Technology,” written together with PS deputy Blerina Gjylameti:

In this example, the Deputy Minister of Education is the first author – 100% copy-paste! Even other works by the Deputy Minister are also plagiarized. In fact, there are many such examples in our Albania; people who have no relation to education teach, “motivate” youth, lead departments, faculties, and universities, and even make education “policies”!