Nine Greek Citizens Arrested By Gjirokastra Police Following Kacifas’ Funeral

At least 12 Greek citizens have been taken into custody by the Albanian police, at the border point of Kakavija, among which was the Greek extremist Babis-Harallambos Karathanos.

The arrests followed today’s burial ceremony of 35-year old Kostandino Kacifas in Bularat village and the upwards of 10 minutes blocking of the Gjirokastër-Kakavijë road.

Sources within the police said that the arrested are being interrogated in order to determine whether they were responsible for the blocked street, as well as whether they crossed the border illegally.

We also know that the leader of Greek minority party PBDNj, Vangjel Dule, went to the police station himself in order to ask for explanations with regards to the arrests.

Meanwhile, Greek media reports that, besides Karathanos who was the leading pall-bearer in Kacifas’ burial proceedings, Omonia leader Thoma Stefo, former head of the Dropull municipality Kristo Duçi, and Andrea Kurti were also arrested.

More than 1000 Greek citizens attended Kacifas’ funeral, and anti-Albanian slogans were not absent from the ceremony.

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