After 2 Weeks, Deputy Minister of Education Resigns

Taulant Muka, who two weeks ago denounced the plagiarism of former Deputy Minister of Education Ervin Demo and was immediately appointed in his stead, has resigned.

Muka, who has a PhD from Erasmus University in Rotterdam in Women’s Health, resigned after he discovered that his “office was empty in terms of documents” and he was unable to formulate any policy himself.

In an interview with Ora News Muka stated:

I had a chair and tables, but there was nothing inside. It was an empty office and the remote control of the TV and the toilet paper had been taken. Then I understood I was not at home, because there was no information. No matter who comes as Deputy Minister there has to be documentation. […]

I am not used to this model and come from a different culture. There is a lack of management. There is only a Deputy Minister in a certain sense of the word, because I cannot even send a simple letter without the approval of the General Secretary and the Minister [Lindita Nikolla].

Muka stated that the protocol office of the Ministry initially even didn’t want to register his resignation, because it hadn’t been approved by the General Secretary.

The plight of former Deputy Minister Muka stands in sharp contrast with Prime Minister Edi Rama’s claims about Deputy Minister Sandër Lleshaj, who would be able to act “as minister.”