€1 Million More to Fusha

Fusha shpk won another public tender, this time for the reconstruction of the Polytechnic University of Tirana building.

Out of the seven bidding companies, six were disqualified for unsuccessful bids, with Fusha shpk qualifying as the winning bidder.

The company’s bid amounted to €1 million – apparently the highest bid submitted, according to the contract made public.

The Law on Public Procurement stipulates that “the winning bid must be the bid which, based on the requirements and criteria defined in the tendering documents, fulfills the requirements of the procurement object at the lowest price.”

Thus, once again Fusha shpk profits public money in violation of the criteria defined by law for the announcement of the winning bid.

The same company also won both lots for the reconstruction of the Skanderbeg Square and the construction of the underground parking in the same square, without any competing bidder in the tender.

Fusha shpk, in a joint bid with Everest shpk, was also the winner of the tender for the construction of the controversial Veliera Square in Durres.

In the upcoming months, Fusha shpk is expected to start the construction of the new National Theater building and several skyscrapers in its proximity; in public land and with no tendering procedure whatsoever.

An investigation by the Albanian Institute of Science found that Fusha shpk was the biggest contractor of local government works in Albania, with 14 contracts amounting to $ 21 million between July 2015 and January 2017.