Shkoza Citizens Opposing Demolition of Houses Clash with Police

Yesterday citizens in Shkoza, a neighborhood in the south of Tirana, clashed with police and officers of the National Inspectorate for Territory Protection (IKTM), following the latter’s attempt to demolish their houses, and open the way for the Tirana Southern Ring project, 3rd Lot.

The citizens blocked the way for IKTM’s bulldozers, and asked for official documents supporting the demolition of their houses.

According to the IKTM, the project foresees the demolition of 16 buildings. IKTM officers said that inhabitants were notified on 26 November, 2018.

This is the second time citizens of Shkoza clash with IKTM.

In September, 2017, the IKTM demolished 153 buildings in Shkoza for a road widening project. Several buildings had full legal documentation, some were in the process of legalization, and others were built before the ’90s.

The government had suddenly changed the initial project envisioning the widening of the road and adjustment of the Lana riverbed, with a new one requiring the demolishing of 153 private buildings housing around 250-300 families.

On 14 September, 2017, officers of the Construction Police notified the inhabitants to immediately leave their houses, promising them compensation in the future and rent coverage by the Municipality of Tirana for their temporary accommodation until they were able to provide housing on their own.

On 19 September, 2017, the IKTM started the demolition, forcing inhabitants out of their houses.

Back then explained how the demolition of these houses constituted a violation of a series of rights and laws.