Police Files Charges against 25 “Known” Protesters

The police has initiated criminal proceedings against 25 students and others, who have been protesting for more than a week against government’s policy in higher education.

Among the criminally charged are Professor Edmond Tupe and artist Robert Aliaj. The group also includes some of the most prominent activists opposing government’s policies in education, urban planning, public-private partnerships and private constructions on public land.

The criminally charged are:

  • Mirela Ruko
  • Klodian Leka
  • Estela Nazarko
  • Xhuljano Bregasi
  • Henri Fero
  • Liri Kuçi
  • Edmond Tupe
  • Robert Aliaj
  • Altin Goxhaj
  • Gentian Doci
  • Malbor Duka
  • Nehbi Bushaj
  • Klajdi Bello
  • Redi Muci
  • Luan Myrtaj
  • Erdi Bërxulli
  • Agron Pepaj
  • Migen Qiraxhi
  • Bledar Hysa
  • Adriatik Lapaj
  • Gaetano Doci
  • Andrea Gjini
  • Bislim Lakna
  • Nerid Shehu
  • Kristina Tonaj

They are charged of protesting illegally on 11 December, without a permit by authorities, thus causing a breach of public order and peace, impeding the movement of traffic, and throwing hard objects at the Ministry of Education yard.

The police also announced it’s still working on identifying other protesters.