Special Appeals Chamber Overturns Dedja Verdict

The Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) has overturned the decision of the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) to confirm President of the Constitutional Court Bashkim Dedja. The KPA argued that Dedja had much more assets than justifiable by his legal income.

The panel of judges, headed by Ardian Hajdari, reached its final decision following an appeal filed by he Public Commissioner Darjel Sina, at the recommendation of the International Monitoring Operation (ONM). The ONM concluded:

As a President of his Court and the highest ranking judicial official in the Republic of Albania, the assessee should be expected to scrupulously observe all applicable rule and regulations and should serve as an example for his colleagues. […] he failed to meet the legal obligation imposed by Article D of the Constitution.

In view of his repeated lack of full and accurate disclosure as required by law, assessee’s attitude cannot be regarded as unintentional as the [KPK]’s decision seems to imply.

[ONM] concludes that the results of the reevaluation investigation of [KPK] can lead to only one logical consequence: dismissal from office.

Dedja was confirmed on June 13, even though several irregularities had been found in his asset declaration. The KPK decision was criticized for its double standards.

With the dismissal of Bashkim Dedja, the Constitutional Court is now down to a single member, Vitore Tusha. Moreover, as a result of his dismissal, Dedja will no longer be part of the Justice Appointments Council (KED), which therefore now will have two vacancies.