KLP Convenes for First Time, Gent Ibrahimi Elected Chairman

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) convened for the first time today, electing its chairman and deputy chairman. The meeting was opened by Nurihan Seiti, the oldest member of the KLP, who also proposed her candidacy for the chairmanship. The other candidate was law professor Gent Ibrahimi.

Ibrahimi was elected with a majority of 7 out of 11 votes. Alfred Balla was elected deputy chairman.

Currently, the KLP consists of the following members, of which two, Osmani and Sevdari, are currently awaiting their appeal at the Special Appeals Chamber:

  • Prosecutors at Court of First Instance (2/1 outside Tirana): Gentian Osmani, Antoneta Sevdari, Besnik Cani
  • Prosecutors at Appeals Court (2/1 outside Tirana): Bujar Sheshi, Arben Dollapaj
  • Prosecutor at General Prosecution Office (1): Kostaq Beluri
  • Lawyers (2): Nurihan Seiti (Metaj); Tartar Bazaj
  • Professors (2): Gent Ibrahimi; Sandër Beci
  • Civil Society (1): Alfred Balla