73% of Students Knows of Corruption in University

A recently published study by Qendresa Qytetare, a local NGO, with support of the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, shows that 73% of the students knows of corruption at the university, 19% had no evidence, while only a meager 8% denied the existence of corruption.

The study is based on interviews with 501 bachelor and 139 master students.

Overall, the level of corruption in Albanian universities, one of the main reasons for the recent massive student protests, remains very high:

In a comparative level, the Polytechnic University of Tirana appears to be the most corrupted, at 80%, followed by the Agricultural University with a presence of this phenomenon at the level of 77%.

The corruption problem in the university is also related to the willingness of some students to bribe their teachers for higher grades, without which it is in some cases impossible to pass an exam. 24% admitted to be willing to bribe a teacher, while on 14% rejected the possibility wholesale. The remaining 62% of the students didn’t answer the question.