All Decisions of the Newly Installed KLGJ and KLP

The High Judicial Council (KLGJ) and High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) reached some important decisions regarding the judicial system in Albanian in their first two meetings. Among them are the starting of procedures to form special courts against corruption, and appointments to vacant seats in regional courts. brings a summary of all decisions of KLGj and KLP to date.

Decisions of High Judicial Council (KLGJ)

The KLGJ formed on 12 December 2018. On 20 December, it hold its first constitutive meeting, where Naureta Llagami, a member from civil society, was elected to chair the KLGJ.

Following the election, the meeting closed the doors and the KLGJ proceeded with its first decisions to appoint judges to the empty seats resulting from judges dismissed through vetting in regional courts.

Shkodra Court Judge Besmir Stroka will temporarily chair the Puka Court, following Judge Izet Kadana recent dismissal by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).

On 27 December, the KLGJ held it second meeting, where it was decided to start procedures to appoint interim judges in the Special Courts against Corruption and Organized Crime, which opens the way for the latter ones’ installation.

The KLGJ approved Judge Metush Saraçi’s withdrawal from his judge status, after his resignation. It also decided to start the process of assets and background assessment for magistrate candidates graduated in 2018.

Decisions of High Prosecutorial Council (KLP)

The KLP formed on 11 December 2018. On 19 December, it hold it first constitutive meeting, in which Genti Imbrahimi was elected chairman and Alfred Balla was elected deputy chairman.

In the second meeting on 27 December, the KLP decided to form four commissions to plan prosecution offices’ budget, assess prosecutors’ careers and proficiency, and take disciplinary action when necessary.

– Commission for Strategic Planning and Budget Administration – headed by Gent Ibrahimi, with members Nurihan Seiti and Antoneta Sevdari, and deputy members Arben Dollapaj and Alfred Balla.

– Disciplinary Commission, which will assess disciplinary actions against prosecutors, headed by Bujar Sheshi, with Tartar Bazaj as a member, and Gentjan Osmani and Nurihan Seiti as deputy members.

– Commission for Assessing Ethical and Professional Activity, headed by Alfred Balla, with members Kostaq Beluri and Gentjan Osmani, and deputy members Tartar Bazaj and Besnik Cani.

– Commission for Career Development, headed by Sandër Beci, with members Arben Dollapaj and Antoneta Sevdari, and deputy members Bujar Sheshi and Gent Ibrahimi.

The KLP has held two meetings to date, focusing on its internal structure. It has not reached to decisions regarding prosecution offices yet, but KLP Chairman Gent Ibrahimi said that in the coming two months it is expected to elect the new General Prosecutor for a full term, as well as approving the installation of the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK).