Albanian Diaspora Protest is Joined by Other Protesting Groups

Several hundred protesters gathered last evening in front of Prime Minister’s office to protest under the slogan “Under One Flag” [Nën një flamur].

The protest was called by Albanian immigrants worldwide, who visit their families for the New Year celebrations. Genc Sejko, an Albanian living in UK was the main organizer of the so-called “Diaspora Protest”.  He has recently become popular through his political memes on Facebook.

Police had banned the protest on grounds of potential troubles it would cause to traffic, but protesters went ahead with their plan.

During the protest they called on the government to create fertile ground for people to flourish in their country, not being obliged to immigrate. They denounced government’s injustice, corruption, and the fact that Albanians en masse want to leave the country because of lack of basic opportunities.

They called the latest reshuffling of Prime Minister Rama’s cabinet an attempt to distract the society from government’s scandals, and to appease some of the protesting segments of society.

The diaspora protest unified several groups who have been protesting for seemingly different causes for weeks, but who all find the source of troubles in government’s actions. Representatives of protesters of Astir area, students, and National Theater, also also voiced their concerns in the protest.

The peaceful protest “Under One Flag” will continue for two days more throughout the weekend. Today it will take place at 12:00pm in front of Prime Minister’s office.