Fusha Receives €850 Thousand More for Skanderbeg Square

Fusha construction company will receive €856 thousand more for the seemingly never-ending and increasingly costly works in Skanderbeg Square.

On 26 December, Municipality of Tirana briefly announced an addition to the previous contract with Fusha “On the Urban Requalification of Skanderbeg Square, Phase I”, without further clarifications.

With the latest addition, and by repeatedly avoiding competition, Municipality of Tirana has given Fusha a total of €17 million in contracts for works in Skanderbeg Square – the square itself and the underground parking garage.

Skanderberg Square contracts

July 2016, Fusha received €5.5 million for Phase I of works in the square.

January 2017, Fusha received €7.1 million for Phase II. Fusha was the only bidder, with an offer of 99.9 per cent of municipality’s budget.

September 2018, Fusha received an addition of €1.56 million for Phase II. Now, just three months later, Fusha gets another addition of €850 thousand to the same contract.

Underground Parking Garage contracts

September 2016, Fusha received €1.64 million for the construction of the underground parking in Skanderbeg Square.

May 2018, Municipality of Tirana gave Fusha €300 thousand more through an addition to the contract, without explaining the reasons. The total cost of parking garage reached €2 million.

Skanderbeg Square has become one of the costliest urban projects in Tirana. Fusha shpk is the only winner of all related bids, with offers virtually similar to municipality’s budget.