From: Alice Elizabeth Taylor
Some Of My Favourite Artisans

The Christmas market held on the 8th of December was a roaring success but I know that many of you were not able to attend. Lots of people have asked me to put together a list of all the artisans that were in attendance so they would have an opportunity to shop the amazing selection of crafts that were on offer. So without further ado, here we go!

Soap Arcadia

Run by Anxhela Panxhi, a holistic alchemist and former lawyer, Soap Arcadia focusses on handmade skincare products such as soap, cleansers, masks, serums, scrubs, creams and everything in between. She also does a lot of work with superfoods and such and she can provide you with lots of advice regarding nutrition and hard to source foodstuffs. Myself and many well known public figures including media personalities, all swear by her stuff- you can find out more here!


A one-woman operation, Jewelicious creates bespoke and made to order handmade jewelry as well as standard pieces for her collection. Featuring tassels, beads, and bright Jewell colors, her turn around time is super fast and the quality is outstanding. I regularly get complimented when I wear one of her pieces!


Kristina Genc creates incredible watercolor and mixed medium paintings, cards, and custom pieces to fit your needs and requirements. She can paint in both lifelike and whimsical styles and I recently commissioned a painting from her for my partner’s birthday. Her images are unmistakable and she paints gorgeous images of Tirana in coffee, reflecting the capital, and Albania’s love of it!

Kantina Alimani

The Alimani family run a small kantina not far from Lake Farke. A new kantina, they are already producing some truly outstanding wines such as Sheshi Bardh, and a Merlot Reserva. Focussing on quality, not quantity, this kantina is one to watch over the next few years. Oh and they also do free delivery within Tirana- dial-a-wine, what more could you want?

Nji Mar Nji Mrapsht

A crafts shop located between Rruga Myslym, Shyri and Rruga Kavajes, this store is an Aladdin’s cave of handmade local crafts. Pottery, textiles, clothing, woodwork, jewelry and beauty products, they sell an enticing selection of some of Tirana’s most outstanding artisanal work. Check out their Instagram here, or visit the shop in person.

Art by Dola

Dola creates the most incredibly beautiful and high quality knitwear. From baby clothes to blankets, and matching knitwear sets for adults, her work is really exceptional. I purchased some beautiful gloves and a hatfrom her and will be returning to get some goodies for Baby Balkanista as well!

Forever Radical

Designed and made by Rea Lemnusha, Forever Radical is a Tirana-based artisan startup that makes interesting jewellery and also customises clothing and textiles. She can customise existing outfits, or create something new by injecting her style into vintage pieces. With stunning photography and a bohemian twist to her items, you really need to check out her page today.

Gaias Gifts

Created by a mother and daughter team. Gaias Gifts handcrafts unique items from gemstones, luxurious fabrics, and other unusual items. With a focus on spiritual philosophies, their collection of sparkling semi-precious crystals and gems, beautiful jewelry, and other intriguing items will have you hooked.

Vera Lundra

One of the areas largest and most well known wine, raki, and olive oil producers, Vere Lundra produce some truly delicious treats. You can visit their website or Instagram, or pick up their products in many local supermarkets. Their Extra Virgin Olive Oil is wonderful, as is their selection of locally produced wines.

Handmade in Albania

Handmade in Albania works by directly benefiting the women that produce the range of knitwear on offer. The NGO takes no commission but simply connects the talented artisans, often hailing from small and rural villages, with a wider local and international market. Through purchasing the products, the money is used to directly improve the quality of life for these women and their families. Check out the website here.

Flower Shop by Ilda

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Ilda crafts the most beautifully intricate flowers out of wire and paper. Her creations range from single blooms to huge bouquets that require custom made stands to present them. Her Instagram is here.

This article was originally published on The Balkanista.