Albanian Prime Minister and President Exchange Harsh Accusations

Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Ilir Meta have publicly engaged in some harsh comments and allegations following Meta’s refusal yesterday to decree Rama’s nomination to Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Gent Cakaj.

Here is what Rama wrote on Twitter yesterday:

“The President violating the Constitution, attacking the government, maltreating a young [Gent Cakaj] man who is at least one thousand times wiser than him, shamelessly gossiping as if he was Witness X… Oh, what a shame! Ilir Meta with his miserable bunch defending Kosovo from a Kosovo Albanian [Gent Cakaj]! My! My! My!”

Witness X is the nickname of Albert Veliu, who published a video-recording that showed the alleged involvement of Minister of Interior Fatmir Xhafaj’s brother in international drug trafficking.

Rama also attacked Edita Tahiri, former minister of foreign affairs of Kosovo, who for many years led the delegation in the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue in Brussels. Tahiri had earlier supported President Meta’s decision not to decree Cakaj’s nomination, saying that Cakaj supported the exchange of borders between Kosovo and Serbia, and that Rama “diabolically” nominated him with the purpose of facilitating that process.

“Oh, now Edita Tahiri too has joined the ranks of the miserable in greeting visionary Ilir Meta’s decision! Oh, all the sludge, grudge and darkness the “visionaries” of this kind are discharging like a river of love for the nation! Gent [Cakaj], dear Edita, deserves your attacks to the extent these “visionaries” deserve to be called “humans”! What about you, dear?”

President Ilir Meta replied to Rama’s comments by expressing his firmness not to be intimidated by Prime Minister’s “threats”. Meta also listed several criminal allegations against the Prime Minister and his government.

“He [Prime Minister Rama] who dared to threaten police officer Zagani for denouncing drug traffickers’ collaboration with high officials in power; he who dared to threaten police officer [Nuhu] of Fushe-Kruja for investigating into a member’s of parliament son violence against a girl; he who dared to threaten a honorable professor only for writing a letter to the President in defense of the national interest; he who threatens on a daily basis journalists, media owners, prosecutors, judges, opposition members, witnesses; he who orders the forging of tender documents, and even documents concerning national security; he now made the fatal mistake of directly threatening the President of the Republic of Albania. There is no power on earth to put pressure on or blackmail the President of the Republic of Albania. There is no Constitutional Court on earth that could prohibit or interpret the competencies given to the President by the Constitution of the Republic of Albania for decreeing or not nominations of ministers, especially those who are members of the National Security Council. The national interest first! Albania first!”

Here are two brief reminders on who Zagani and Nuhu are:

Police officer Zagani denounced the alleged close collaboration of former Minister of Interior Saimir Tahiri with a criminal drug trafficking organization. Zagani escaped attempts to arrest him and fled to Switzerland where he was given political asylum.

Police officer Nuhu also denounced the alleged threat to his life, at gun point and inside the police station. At that time Nuhu was investigating a denunciation of violence against a girl by the son of a Socialist Party member of parliament. MP Rrahman Rraja, MP Taulant Balla, also Head of the Parliamentary Group of the Rama’s Socialist party, where allegedly both present when Rraja’s brother hold a gun on police officer Nuhu’s head.