Students Continue University Occupation Students' meeting - Faculty of Economics

Today students of seven faculties started their fifth day of boycott and occupation of the University of Tirana. They have refused to meet officials of the Ministry of Education.

Yesterday, students of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tirana decided to fully boycott classes and continue to occupy the faculty. The public statement supported by more than 200 occupying students read:

“We will continue with the boycott and occupation indeterminately given that our demands have not been met. All students should join us in protest tomorrow as our demands are not met. We have witnessed the support from all and Rama should not dare to harm our cause. We are going [back] to occupy [the faculty] now and everyone should join. We call on everyone to join our cause starting from 7:00am tomorrow [January 14th]. The united students are going to win!”

Here is a quick review of the situation in several faculties today.

More than 200 students of the Faculty of Economics have been occupying the faculty since Friday. They spent the nights in cold following administration’s order to turn off the heating system.

The occupying students of the Faculty of Law were joined in their protest by students of faculties of Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.

Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Architecture students also decided to boycott and occupy their faculties.

Today, students of the Polytechnic University of Tirana also joined the boycott and occupation.

Despite having stated earlier that their boycott would end on Sunday, last night students announced from the Faculty of Economics that they would continue with the occupation in face of their unmet demands and the government not retracting the law on higher education.

Occupying students said they will leave the doors open for those who want to have classes.

Prime Minister Rama had earlier announced that public officers from ministries of education and finance will be available in faculties to explain to students government’s decisions regarding the payment of tuition fees. Occupying students responded that “they can enter [the faculties] from windows – university doors are not open to them.”