Albanian “Balkans’ Escobar” Klement Balili Surrenders

Klement Balili, also known as “the Balkans’ Escobar”, surrendered to police this morning.

Top Channel reported the news upon Balili’s lawyer’s confirmation.

Balili was taken into custody by the State Police, accompanied by his other lawyer, Theodhori Sollaku.

The high profile drug trafficker had been at large since May, 2016. He stands accused of international drug trafficking and participation in a criminal organization. Balili’s arrest warrant was issued by the Greek police in May, 2016, when he was the Director of Roads Transportation in Saranda city.

In October, 2018, the Special Police Force and RENEA team searched for Klement Balili in Saranda, Vlora and Delvina, following information supplied by an informant. However, the police failed to arrest him.