Mayor Rigels Balili Negotiated His Uncle Klement Balili’s Surrender

Rigels Balili, Mayor of Delvina and nephew of Klement Balili, negotiated his uncle’s surrender the police.

In an interview for OraNews TV today, Mayor Rigels Balili stated that his uncle had negotiated his surrender with the police during the last three months:

“Negotiations started immediately after we were notified that his file had been completed [by the prosecution], and that it was ready for submission to the court. Today we made the surrender possible at the state police directorate. [Klement Balili] was not arrested. [He] surrendered himself. It was me to go to the police director’s [Ardi Veliu] office and negotiate.”      

The Mayor of Delvina said that Klement Balili had been waiting for the prosecution file to be completed because “he could not stay in custody until the file would reach the court.”

Mayor Rigels Balili added that he didn’t know where his uncle had stayed during this time, and that he had only talked with him briefly:

 “I had no time to ask him where he had stayed; I just had him surrender to the [General] Director of [State] Police.”

Since Klement Balili was declared wanted by Greece, the opposition has publicly claimed in several occasions that Balili was in Albania, travelling freely and not fearing an arrest.

The media has published photos and videos of Balili in two occasions:

In August, 2016, he was photographed in a yacht in the coast of Saranda in the company of a high official of state police.

In September, 2017, photos and videos of Balili emerged. He was seen in the company of the Head of the Socialist Party of Tepelena, whose nephew’s wedding they were celebrating. The groom had previously replaced Balili in his former position of Director of Roads Transportation in Saranda.