SPAK, Only Two Prosecutors Have Applied

Ten days after the call for applications only two prosecutors have applied to the Special Prosecution Office (SPAK).

Prosecutor Klodian Braho submitted his application yesterday. Braho has not been vetted. He was the prosecutor in the investigation into former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla.

Today, prosecutor Besnik Muçi also submitted his application to SPAK. Serious crimes prosecutor Muçi already passed the vetting process. He was in the priority list of those to be vetted as he was a candidate to the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

The deadline for applications to SPAK is due in three weeks.

SPAK is a key new institution of the judiciary, focusing on investigating into corruption, organized crime and crimes by high officials, including the President, Prime Minister and deputies.

SPAK is independent of other prosecutorial institutions, including General Prosecution. It will have 15 prosecutors who will be nominated by the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) for a 9-year term. Prosecutors and their relatives will be subject to control at any time during their term, including phone calls, emails, assets, etc.