Director of OST Resigns After Ghost Company Tender Scandal

Director of the Transmission System Operator (OST) Klodian Geci resigned today. His resignation follows revelations on an alleged scandal involving Dunwell Haberman (DH) Albania, a ghost company, winning a €12 million tender of the OST.

New Minister of Energy Belinda Balluku had demanded Director Geci’s dismissal in a letter sent to OST’s board.

In November 2018, OST announced DH Albania as the winner of a €12 million tender for the construction of the 220 kV line between Burrel and Peshkopia cities – one of the biggest tenders at the OST this year. Documents from the Agency of Public Procurement show that DH Albania won the tender with an offer equal to OST’s budget limit.

Few weeks before the news broke, DH Albania was involved in another scandal involving another €18 million tender it won on the Outer Ring Road construction.

DH Albania came under media scrutiny after it won one of the three lots for the construction of the Outer Ring Road in Tirana. Të Paekspozuarit TV-Show revealed that DH Albania’s documents used in this tender were forged.

Following the publication of the scandal, The Albanian Road Authority paused the construction works temporarily only for the lot won by DH Albania.