Detention in Prison for Shell Company Administrator

The Court of Tirana ruled on the provisional detention in prison for Avdjol Dobi, the administrator of shell company Dunwell Haberman (DH) Albania, who is still at large.

Dobi has not responded to several prosecution office’s calls to testify regarding the forging of documents DH Albania used to win two public tenders for a total value of €30 million. He stands accused of  forgery, fraud and money laundering.

The police hasn’t been able to arrest Dobi. The electronic border control system shows that he has not left Albania.

Avdjol Dobi, 26, is the administrator of the Albanian branch of Dunwell Haberman, a shell company registered on 25 June 2018 in Delaware, US,

The scandals of DH Albania’s forged documents in two tenders were made public by journalist Ylli Rakipi and PD deputy Agron Shehaj. Within few weeks, DH Albania had won a €18 million tender for the construction of a part of the Tirana Outer Ring Road, as well as another €12 million tender for the construction of an electricity transmission line.

The Tirana Prosecution Office is investigating both cases. The heads of the two agencies involved in the tenders were dismissed earlier this week – Afrim Qendro of the Albanian Road Authority (ARRSH) and Klodian Gradeci of the Albanian Transmission System Operator (OST).