Municipality of Tirana Starts to Demolish More Houses  

The Municipality of Tirana and the agency for territory protection started to demolish tens of housing and business units in the Medrese area today to open the way for the implementation of a road widening project.

Citizens said they were informed of the demolition but not about any compensation or related procedures. Speaking to FaxNews, they said they were excluded from the process of legalization for their properties.

“Where can I file a complaint? They can take you behind bars, that’s all they know. I took my kids away to save them from seeing this horror. They’ve sent us a paper saying we were excluded from the legalization process.”

“I’ve been living here for more than 60 years. I’m the earliest dweller. For 22 years we’ve been told during electoral campaigns that our houses will be legalized. The road is wide enough for two cars here; there are sidewalks too, so what is their purpose? Where should I go? I haven’t blocked any roads! We were given one month. They said houses would be demolished and the road will be widened.”

Another citizen said that the street where houses are being taken down today is actually a cul-de-sac blocked by apartment compounds.

In the recent months, the Municipality of Tirana has started to demolish houses in several areas, including Lapraka, Shkoza, and Bregu i Lumit. Astir area citizens were able to stop the government from demolishing their houses after several weeks of protests.