Confirmed: KLP Member Sheshi Used to Be Called Shesha

Media outlet Boldnews has provided evidence that High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) Bujar Sheshi indeed used to be called Shesha.

In his decriminalization self-declaration form, Sheshi himself noted clearly that:

“In previous identification documents, my last name has had a mistake in its final letter, it is has been ‘Shesha’ and has been officially corrected to ‘Sheshi.'”

At the request of the General Proseuction, the Authority for Information on Documents of the former State Security (AIDSSh) had investigated whether KLP candidates were former collaborators or members of the State Security (Sigurimi) during the dictatorship.

The recent AIDSSh report, published after Sheshi was nominated to the KLP, claimed that a certain Bujar Rasim Shesha, born in 1957 and a collaborator of the Sigurimi was indeed the same person as Bujar Sheshi, born on December 15, 1957.

Sheshi denied the report’s conclusions and filed a lawsuit against he AIDSSh. However, his own decriminalization form clearly states his last name used to be Shesha, confirming the conclusion of the AIDSSh.

According to the Justice Governance Institutions Law, Sheshi should no longer be allowed to be a member of the KLP if he is proven to have been a collaborator of the Sigurimi.