PM Rama Attacks ‘Trashcan Media’ Voice of America

Prime Minister Edi Rama once again attacked the Voice of America (VOA) today, following yesterday’s publication of an investigative report on high officials of the Socialist Party who bought votes in the 2017 general election in collaboration with criminal gangs. Today PM Rama spoke in parliament.

“It’s the second time within a short period that the Voice of America becomes a spokesperson of the Tirana trashcan media. The first time we demonstrated with hundreds of pages of documents the fakeness of the news regarding the recruitment of civil servants. Meanwhile, this time I can only say this: no news from your front. Just a salad of words with no chance to bamboozle a single Albanian. Zero [chance].”

PM Rama attacked VOA few weeks ago when it published a similar investigation allegedly revealing the involvement of Socialist Party MPs and other government institutions, including prime minister’s cabinet, in rigging tests for future civil servants. Back then PM Rama twitted:

 “[Finally] the day came when the Voice of America talks from within the Tirana media trashcan, gossiping on people based of phone chatters (vomiting face). An open competition for prison employees is organized for the first time in Shqiperia [Albania] and the trashcan media rumbles as far as the US, and then echoing on our media village (vomiting face). What a destitute end! (vomiting face)”