KLP to Open Application for New General Prosecutor in March

The call for applications for the position of General Prosecutor will open on March 19th and the temporary one, Arta Marku, could be replaced by June, 2019.

Chairman of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) Gent Ibrahimi announced today that:

“The law allows for three months after the installment of the High Prosecutorial Council to prepare the regulation. On March 19th, the call for General Prosecutor will be opened. In June, we will have a new general prosecutor.”

The Albanian prosecution has been led by Arta Marku since December 2017, following former General Prosecutor Adriatik Llalla’s end of term. Marku’s election as Temporary General Prosecutor by the socialist majority was unconstitutional and at odds with the values underlying the judicial reform. Marku has been in office for more than one year, following delays in the implementation of the justice reform, vetting process and installment of new institutions.

Requirements for the election of the General Prosecutor

Article 22 of the law on the prosecution office requires the fulfillment of the following criteria for the election of the General Prosecutor:

Successfully pass the full asset and background assessment under the law;

Meet the legal requirements of integrity for persons appointed to public functions;

Have not been members, collaborators or favoured by the State Security before 10 1990;

Not to be collaborators, informants or agents of any secret services;

Have not been convicted by a final court decision for commission of a criminal offence;

Have not been dismissed from office for disciplinary reasons and have no disciplinary measure in force.

Election of General Prosecutor

Candidates who meet the legal requirements are evaluated and ranked by the High Prosecutorial Council based on these criteria:

Results of professional evaluation of the candidate in the field of criminal justice;

Moral and professional integrity of the candidate;

Organizational and managerial skills;

Evaluation of additional criteria, like academic titles, studies and trainings conducted abroad, mastering of foreign languages.

The KLP submits to the parliament the proposal to appoint as prosecutor general one of the three candidates ranked highest in the list.

The general prosecutor is elected in parliament, with a three-fifths majority (84/140) of votes, from the list provided from the KLP.

In case the parliament in unable to elect a candidate within 30 days, the highest ranking one is automatically nominated general prosecutor for a 7-year term.