Two More Prosecutors Apply for SPAK

Two more prosecutors have applied for the Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office SPAK after the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) waved some of the documents required to apply: Doloreza Musabelliu and Eugen Beci.

On January 7, the KLP opened the application procedure for 15 special prosecutors. In an interview, KLP chairman Gent Ibrahimi argued that in fact 20 were needed, but that they wanted to keep the process “competitive.”

However, when two weeks later only two prosecutors had applied, the KLP decided to wave on January 23 several required documents, including notarized copies of diplomas and professional evaluations.

The application process is open until February 6, but it seems that in spite of the enthusiastic messages spread by the EU and US Embassies, we are again faced with a situation in which there will be no competition and prosecutors will be de facto nominated to one of the most powerful judiciary institutions created by the justice reform.

SPAK prosecutors commit to giving up a large part of their and their family’s privacy, with a constant monitoring of the communications and bank accounts for a nine-year term. A source of Exit in the Prosecution, who requested to remain anonymous, stated that very few prosecutors are willing to surrender their privacy, while still fearing political interference into the function of SPAK, despite the legal guarantees.

So far, 5 prosecutors have filed their application:

– Anton Martini (Director of the Prosecution Office at the Court of First Instance in Shkodra)
– Besnik Muçi (Serious Crimes Prosecution Office)
– Klodian Braho (Serious Crimes Prosecution Office)
– Doloreza Musabelliu (Serious Crimes Prosecution Office)
– Eugen Beci (Serious Crimes Prosecution Office)

Muçi has already passed the vetting, while the dossiers of the 4 other applicants are currently evaluated by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK).