Domestic Crime, Seven Murders in Forty Days in Albania

Since January 1st, 2019, seven people were murdered by their family members in Albania.

– Today, February 12th, 44-year-old Alket Arapaj shot and murdered his 36-year-old wife Ervilma Seferaj with his service pistol in the Allias neighborhood of Tirana.

– On February 6th, in Vlora, 57-year-old Teodor Lera strangled to death his 45-year-old wife Eva Lera following a quarrel. He later attempted suicide by cutting his veins.

– On January 14th, 52-year-old Majlind Lila shot and killed with a firearm his father-in-law (63), mother-in-law (52) and himself.

– On January 2nd, in Ballsh, Gazmend Musta (33) murdered his wife (31) and her sister (18) with a cold weapon in front of their kid. The husband, who had just returned from migration in Greece, committed the crime following a quarrel on whether his wife was allowed to visit her parents on New Year’s holidays.