Final Vetting Verdict for Prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari Postponed

The Special Appeals Chamber (KPA) decided to postpone its final verdict on prosecutor Antoneta Sevdari, also member of the High Prosecutorial Council (KLP), to February 19th.

In yesterday’s hearing, the KPA announced that it had received another denunciation on Sevdari, which the Public Commissioner (KP) needed to be presented with.

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) confirmed Antoneta Sevdari on July 18th, 2018, but the KP appealed the decision arguing that a thorough investigation into prosecutor’s and her husband’s assets had not been carried out.

In December 2018, Antoneta Sevdari was elected member of the KLP.

Antoneta Sevdari is also known as the prosecutor who, in 2015, closed the investigation into the then-minister Damian Gjiknuri and State Attorney Alma Hiçka, who faced abuse of power accusations by the State Supreme Audit (KLSH) regarding the settlement between the Albanian government and the Czech company CEZ.