PM Edi Rama: Kosovo is part of Albania, Kosovo-Serbia Border Will Be Discussed

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stated that the Kosovo-Serbia border “will surely be discussed” in talks between the two countries, and that “Kosovo is part of Albania”.

Having dodged the question whether he supported a revision of borders between Kosovo and Serbia for several months, always saying that he would support any agreement between the two countries, in last night’s TV interview in Albania Rama revealed his support for the border issue to be on the table.

Furthermore, in what could be seen as a controversial statement among international parties trying to bring back to a dialogue Kosovo and Serbia, PM Rama said that he considered Kosovo to be part of Albania, and he talked of unification between the two countries as his “Plan A”. Rama also opposed those refusing the revision of borders between Kosovo and Serbia.

“[There are] people who present themselves as if sent by God with a divine decree to protect their nation from those who think differently. The shortest path they are seeking might turn out to be longer. I think there is a more simple way to be considered.

What is it that we are discussing with Greece today? The border. What did Kosovo and Montenegro discuss and achieved? The border. Why is it that the border between Kosovo and Serbia should not be discussed? It will surely be discussed, you like it or not. A [border] demarcation process will take place in this case too. That’s why we as a nation should behave like men and not like neighborhood kids saying “Dude, they are going to beat us up!” Politicians think of the coming elections, statesmen think of the next generation. I don’t poke my nose into Kosovo’s own matters.” – Rama said.

Rama also responded to the interviewer’s request for a comment regarding Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj’s that he [Rama] “should take care of his own responsibilities; we welcome his opinions and suggestions but we’re here as well.” Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj is a staunch opponent of border revision.

To me, Kosovo is part of Albania. The rest are Ramush’s matters.” – Rama said.

Rama also added that unification of Albania with Kosovo was his priority.

“Unification of Albania with Kosovo is not Plan B. It is Plan A. I don’t think of unification like folk-nationalists of the 21st Century do.” – Rama said.