Municipality of Tirana Gives €360 Thousand in a Suspicious Tender

The Municipality of Tirana will give €360 thousand (€23 thousand per months) to Abkons shpk for registering the municipality farmers, in what seems to be another corrupt tender.

Two bidders participated in the tender: Abkons and a joint venture between Grama shpk and Albadi shpk.

The municipality disqualified Grama and Albadi companies for not meeting the technical requirements. They are both construction companies with no experience in research, survey, data analysis, and no IT and agriculture experts.

The joint venture’s senior expert and project manager is employed by Abkons– the competing bidder that resulted to be the actual winner.

One of the reasons the commission assessing the bidding offers disqualified the joint venture was because the senior expert, Genti Lame, stated in his resume that he worked fulltime for Grama shpk since 2013, but his name was not in the company’s payroll. According to his resume submitted for the bid, Lame also worked for Abkons.

Considering this fact, and municipality’s extended practice of mismanaging public fund, this tender shows marks of corrupt or fraudulent practices. As in many other cases, the joint venture seems to have been used as a façade to legitimize the process while the bid winner was pre-arranged.

Open Data Albania found that in 173 of the 644 tenders of the Municipality of Tirana during 2018 there was either one single bidder or the other bidder/s were disqualified for not meeting the technical requirements, thus leaving only the winning bidder in the process.