SPAK Applications Closed, 27 Prosecutors Compete for 15 Seats

The High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) received applications from 27 prosecutors who want to join the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution Office (SPAK). The deadline for applications was January 21st.

The KLP determined in January that the initial SPAK team will consist of 15 prosecutors.  It also suggested that considering the expected workload, 5 additional prosecutors could be hired by SPAK once it has been installed.

According to the SPAK Law art. 57(11), all SPAK prosecutors must be confirmed by the vetting institutions with a “final decision.” So different from the KLP, Justice Appointments Council (KED), and the High Judicial Council (KLGj), SPAK prosecutors will not be able to start their job until they have passed through the entire vetting procedure.

Serious Crimes Prosecution Director Prela is also among the SPAK candidates. The vetting commission confirmed Prela in her duty in early February despite serious allegations raised against her.

The following 27 prosecutors have applied for SPAK:

Confirmed by vetting institutions with final decision:
Arben Kraja
Besnik Muçi
Dritan Prençi
Vate Staka

Confirmed without final decision:
Donika Prela

Not yet vetted, dossier opened by the Independent Qualification Commission (KPK):
Anton Martini
Behar Dibra
Besim Hajdarmataj
Doloreza Musabelliu
Edvin Kondili
Eugen Beci
Klodian Braho
Vladimir Mara
Altin Dumani
Enkelejda Millonai
Elizabeta Imeraj
Manjola Kajana

Not yet vetted, dossier not opened:
Eneid Nakuçi
Shkëlzen Cena
Fatmir Hoxhaj
Dorina Bejko
Enkeleda Osmani
Elida Kackini
Maksim Sota
Ndini Tavani
Irena Nino
Anita Jella