Court Approves ‘Abbreviated Trial’ Resulting in Reduced Sentence for Balili

The Serious Crimes Court accepted Klement Balili‘s request for an abbreviated trial. The court’s decision means that Balili’s sentence could be reduced by up to one third.

An abbreviated trial is a concept in Albanian procedural law where the defendant has the right to be judged by an abbreviated trial. This type of trial involves an accelerated procedure that does not require the detailed examination of facts that were evidenced during the preliminary investigation. It benefits the defendant by allowing a reduction in sentence by up to 1/3 and not allowing the application of a life sentence.

Klement Balili, a suspected international drug lord, decided to turn himself in to the Albanian police after he had been at large for two years. He stands accused of drug trafficking, participating in a criminal group, failing to declare his wealth and money laundering.

Balili is wanted by the Greek police for crimes committed in Greece. However, he is being tried by the Albanian Serious Crimes Court because the two countries do not have an extradition agreement. The ruling socialist majority changed the Albanian law in May 2018 and prohibited extraditions. The changed law benefited several notorious Albanian criminals who were wanted in other countries.

In the next court hearing on March 12th, the prosecution is expected to demand a sentence for Balili.