Parliament Approves Budget Cuts to KLP and KLGj

During an unscheduled session of Parliament yesterday, which was called by Speaker of Parliament Gramoz Ruçi in violation of parliamentary regulations, the Socialist majority approved the budget cuts to the High Judicial Council (KLGj) and High Prosecutorial Council (KLP).

The two new independent judiciary governance institutions were installed in December and formulated their budget and personnel requirements in a request to Parliament.

Following its decisions in September 2017 and September 2018 to lower the budget for the justice reform, the Socialist majority in Parliament imposed further budget cuts in the independent institutions. Based on an analysis and calculations provided by EURALIUS, KLGj requested 144 employees and KLP 75, which were reduced by the Legal Affairs Commission to 125 and 65, respectively.

Against the law, Parliament failed to publicize the Legal Affairs Commission report on its website. As a result, it is unknown which arguments the Socialist majority used to further limit the effectiveness of the KLP and KLGj.