Vetting Commission Dismisses Head of Durrës Appeal Court

The Independent Qualification Commission (KPK) dismissed the Head of the Durrës Appeal Court Petrit Çeno.

The High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) and KPK presented negative reports on Judge Çeno’s assets, including wrong declaration, hiding and failure to declare assets.

Judge Çeno had not submitted documents regarding his wife’s income until 1997, which had been used in part as a source for the purchase of a 98 sq. metre and a garage, as well as a 79 sq. metre apartment in Golem. The vetting commission also found discrepancies in the statements regarding a 144 sq. metre apartment and a garage in Tirana. Furthermore, the KPK raised doubts about a 5,775 sq. meter land in Durrës owned by Judge Çeno’s wife, part of which was subsequently given to a construction company in exchange for 23 per cent of the building constructed on it. Judge Çeno was also found in a conflict of interest with the same LL.01 construction company because he had not resigned from a case in which the company was a party.

The Commission also found a list of undeclared assets such as a 150-meter terrace, on which an attic was built, and a piece of land, and raised suspicions on a €80 thousand loan in the account of his son’s company, and the latter’s shares in three other companies.

Judge Çeno was unable to justify with legal financial sources an amount of €27 thousand.

His lawyers had earlier claimed that the vetting commission should confirm Judge Çeno in duty based on Donika Prela and Xhezair Zaganjori cases. The two magistrates passed the vetting process despite serious allegations against prosecutor Prela for not having paid taxes for several years, and against judge Zaganjori for having evaded taxes.

Judge Çeno had been suspended from his position earlier, following an investigation into how he benefited a trip and tickets to watch a football match between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The vetting commission body taking the decision included Lulzim Hamitaj, Etleda Çiftja and Olsi Komici.