EU Official: Vacation of Parliamentary Seats Undermines Path Towards the EU

Christian Danielsson, the Director-General for Neigbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations at the European Commission, had separate meetings in Tirana with Prime Minister Rama, Head of Democratic Party (PD) Lulzim Basha and members of the Justice Appointments Council (KED).

In a press conference after the meetings, Danielsson made the following main statements.

Political situation in Albania

– The decision of opposition MPs to resign in block from their mandates seriously undermines Albania’s path towards EU integration.

– Uncertainty must be overcome urgently and normal democratic life should be restored. The parliament is the place where differences should be discussed. The conditions for a constructive dialogue should be created.

– It is important that the protests are peaceful and violence not promoted. Incitement to violence is a major concern for the EU.

Opening of negotiations with the EU

– Albania has to continue to deliver on all reform areas, and in particular on fighting crime and corruption, to make a convincing case in June.

– Efforts must continue on all elements [conditions for opening negotiations] set forward by the European Parliament in June last year, not just judicial reform.

Justice Reform

– Implementation of justice reform and is key for Albania’s progress towards the EU.

– Full support for the independent and impartial work of the Justice Appointment Council (KED). Its independence has to be maintained in all stages of judicial reform. Functioning Constitutional Court and High Court should be priorities.

Christian Danielsson is on a regional tour. Two days ago he met President Vučić and FM Dačić in Serbia.